Adopt a Pet for Easter

Last week, I wrote a post discouraging the practice of giving animals (such as bunnies or chicks). How about an alternative? Consider adopting a dog or a cat! The American Humane Association has many local shelters that have pets available for adoption. Check out the website here, and look in your local listings for a […]

Cute Pic of the Week

From @AnthemLights, on Twitter: Saw this and just had to repost it here, not every post has to be serious stuff about Pet Health. Happy #pajama day. — Anthem Lights (@anthemlights) April 12, 2014    

Improve Your Health with a Pet

Improved Health from Pets Guide dogs provide an obvious help to the blind, but there are other forms of therapy services provided by dogs. There are dogs recognized for their ability to predict seizures, provide relief from depression, and other afflictions. And there are dogs that just help people who need some social interaction but […]

Zoonotic Diseases – transmitted from animals to humans

While most diseases we humans catch are from other people, there is also a class of disease called zoonotic diseases which involve the transmission of a disease from animals to humans. Some of these are pretty serious, especially for people who have compromised immune systems such as unimmunized children, people with AIDS, or the elderly. […]

Preparing for a Vet Appointment

Our pets need the veterinarian. Since they can’t tell us if they’re sick, except by the most obvious symptoms, it’s important to take them in regularly. Of course, they’re not going to want to go, so here’s a quick how-to on preparing for a vet appointment. Routine checkups If it’s a regularly scheduled checkup, be […]

Product Review – Gotta Go Button

If you’re trying to train your dog to “do its doody” outside the house, but having trouble with figuring out how to tell when it needs to go, here’s a product that will give your dog a chance to tell you it’s time to go. The Gotta Go Button is a small circular pushbutton that […]

Heartworm Symptoms for Dogs

Heartworm is a very dangerous disease, affecting dogs and cats. So how do you know if your pet is affected? Here is the scoop on heartworm, including¬†heartworm symtoms for dogs. What is heartworm? Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)¬†infection is a serious disease which can be fatal as it will cause congestive heart failure. It is caused by […]

Good Flea Medicines

Fleas can be a huge pain, and it’s not easy to get rid of them, so here is my writeup on good flea medicines. A good flea and tick medicine should not only kill adult fleas, it should also take care of flea eggs and larvae and be fairly simple to use. It would be […]